Volunteer Requirements

Thank you for volunteering!

These requirements are in place to ensure the safety of all our students. Please complete the necessary paperwork and clearances for the type of volunteer duties you will be performing. These requirements are set by San Diego Unified School District.

Requirements for ALL Volunteers:

  1. Provide results of Tuberculin skin test or blood draw. If you've had a positive skin test in the past, bring a copy of your chest x-ray report. TB tests are valid for 4 years from test date. If you think TPES has a non-expired TB clearance on file, let us know... we will check. Expired volunteer applications and TB clearances are shredded each year. However, if you can answer NO to all the questions on the TB Risk Assessment form you can utilize that instead (must be signed by a licensed nurse, doctor). These forms are good unless you travel outside the country within the last 6 months and for more than 3 weeks. Please see the front office for the risk assessment. We have a nurse on site that can complete this for you on Monday's.
  2. Complete a new Volunteer Application each school year. Return the completed application with your TB test results to the TPES office.
  3. Read and acknowledge understanding of the Volunteer Code of Conduct.
  4. These forms needs to be printed and submit the hard copies to the front office for clearance.


Additional requirements for driving on School Field Trips:

  • You must be fingerprinted through LiveScan to transport students - even your own - on field trips. 
  • Proof of Insurance and copy of driver's license. Please bring a copy of these items to the classroom teacher prior to the field trip (MUST be carried with chaperone in the vehicle, every time).
  • In addition, there are other forms to sign that will be sent home from the classroom teacher (every time).
  1. Consent of the Trip for Chaperone
  2. Chaperone Agreement
  3. Permission slip for student (for all students in your car)
  4. Chaperone's MUST sign in upon arrival BEFORE field trip & sign out upon RETURN of field trip
    *If you choose to take them home after the field trip, you will need to sign them out in the office and it will count against their attendance.

If you have specific questions regarding your status at TPES or about any of the various forms listed above, please contact the office.

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