Student Council

Qualities of a Good Student Council Officer

Being a Student Council officer is a lot of fun; it is also a big responsibility. Good leaders, those who perform such a task, are people who

  • are willing and able to speak in front of large audiences
  • are good listeners
  • are fair and honest
  • complete class assignments
  • follow all class and school rules
  • work independently

If you possess the qualities listed above, chances are you will make an excellent Student Council officer.

Duties of Each Officer

  • President: 5th Grader only- "The Leader": Plans and conducts meetings; appoints committee chairs and members; works hard to keep people active and involved; works with the advisor, the principal and other officers.
  • Vice-President: 5th Grader only -"The Mover": The chief assistant to the President; runs meetings when President is absent; heads important committees.
  • Playground Commissioner: 5th Grader only -"The Equipment Manager": Handles playground related issues; promotes use of the playground equipment in a positive manner.
  • Secretary: 4th Grader only -"The Recorder": Takes the minutes of the meetings; takes attendance at the meetings.
  • Treasurer: 4th Grader only -"The Money Manager": Keeps track of student council funds; consults with the school secretary about finances involving the council.
  • Sergeant At Arms: 3rd Grader only -"The Messenger": Calls council members to meetings; delivers messages to staff and school about activities involving the council.

Nomination Process

Elections are held on or around November General Election time frames.

Roughly two weeks before the elections, each classroom is asked to nominate students for their appropriate grade level office(s). The breakdown of nominees is as follows:

  • Two Nominees from each classroom for the following: President, Vice-President, Playground Commissioner, Secretary, and Treasur
  • One Nominee from each 3rd Grade Classroom for Sergeant At Arms
  • The nominees will then attend a meeting about the process leading up to the election.

Rules for the Election

  • No co-officers for any position.
  • Only presidential candidates may have a campaign manager.
  • Each candidate may make no more than two posters. They may be placed around campus, including one of them in the office windows. The posters must be no larger than 12 x 18 inches.
  • Speeches shall be no longer than 1 minute in length and they must be original and in good taste.
  • Distribution of tags, buttons, candy, gum, T-shirts, etc. shall not be allowed.
  • Hand-written 2 x 3 ½ business cards are allowed.

Download Student Council Informational Document

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