Playground Equipment Rules

Use common sense - think "safety first" at all times!

Any student not following these simple rules will lose the privilege of playing on the school equipment!

  • Use the equipment safely
  • When using the monkey bars, students should all be going one way using hand-over-hand method
  • Students use the slide in the seated position, feet first, one at a time - going down only
  • Walk at all times
  • Keep your hands and feet to yourself

The following are not permitted:

  • Pushing, blocking or tackling on the slide
  • Hands free dismounts from the bars
  • Pulling on any student playing on the bars
  • Assisted gymnastic tricks on the bars
  • Group sliding (choo-choo train)
  • Chasing on or around equipment
  • Climbing on top of any portion of the equipment

Playground Rules

  • Students line up on the blacktop with their class before school
  • Teachers or designated adults bring students to the blacktop area for recess and bring them back to the classroom at the end of the recess period.
  • Students are to remain on the playground until time to return to class.
  • Students may not run on the blacktop areas unless involved in an organized game.
  • Students must use playground equipment in a safe manner and only when there is adult supervision.
  • Students may only play school approved games.
  • Kick ball must be played by the backstop.
  • Students are expected to respect one another and to follow game rules.
  • Fighting and intimidation are not allowed.
  • All snacks, food, and drinks should be eaten and/or drunk in the lunch court. Healthy snacks only, please.
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